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  • Empower your Mind with a powerful learning tool

    The Internet has become a cost effective and easy delivery platform for learning in today’s generation; modern and forward-thinking corporations either private or public have plugged in as such.

    Technology has the power to transform talent development and it’s essential to bring it into the corporate office to empower learning and that is the ideology behind e-learning or online learning.

    The manual style of training is time consuming and laborious it takes away valuable time that could have been spent on productive work. With Breeze eLearning, employees can participate in their online courses at any time from any location – including at home, during down time at work, or anywhere else they feel is appropriate.

    Breeze E-learning portals provide worksheets, past papers, supplementary notes and handouts that can be accessed from anywhere in the world just at the click of the mouse. It makes possible a truly ambitious education system for a future learning society.

    Our Solution

    Breeze e-learning is a bespoke e-learning system that allows you to do following and more;

  • Simulations
  • Take pre-tests,
  • Write exams
  • Seek clarification from a subject expert,
  • Set grading system
  • Explore an extensive reporting engine